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March 04, 2011


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Richard Caldwell

If a tax is charged to professional services all
it will do is cause customers to pay more
for the things they purchase from our clients.

Can they take the 5 cents of gasoline tax from the schools and give it back to the highway dept?

A half cent gasoline tax increase would not do much.

Are they going to tax medical services?

Do $1 cigarette tax increase and 10 cents on
sodas and other bottled drinks such as high
energy and water per container.

Hope this move gets killed.

Aric Kram, CPA

That's great, so they impose complicated tax laws and then when a business hires an accountant to comply with those laws they get taxed on that as well. Instead of taxing accounting services, Texas should use them to trim the waste out of their budget and get it balanced. Texas government grew faster than their revenue stream, so they need to shrink their expenditures. More taxes is not the answer, especially now.

Alan Westheimer

I could lose all the business I do outside Texas as clients would likely turn to CPAs in states that do not impose a sales tax on professional services rather than pay this penalty to do business with me. Or, alternatively, I would be forced to lower my fees to absorb the sales tax to remain competitive. A disaster in the making for us and I hope TSCPA will marshall its resources to oppose this proposal vigorously.

Bob Owen

While Rep. Guillen's has made these proposals in the press, he has not yet filed bills to try to implement them. TSCPA will be on alert for any such bills and oppose them vigorously. The good news so far is that there is very little support among other legislators for such ideas.

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